Invited lectures

Dr. Takis Kontos, Ecole Normale Supérieure and CNRS, Paris, France, “Hybrid quantum circuits:  from atomic physics on a chip to quantum enhanced detection of dark matter”, 09/02/2024

Prof. Emmanuel Paspalakis, University of Patras, Greece, “Quantum optical effects under strong light-matter coupling at the nanoscale”, 16/02/2024

Prof. Jiannis Pachos, University of Leeds, UK, “Photonic simulation of Majorana fermions”, 23/02/2024

Dr. Panagiotis Barkoutsos, PASQAL SAS, France, “Efficient Variational Quantum Algorithms for Quantum Chemistry and Protein Folding”, 01/03/2024

Dr. Ioanna Kriekouki, Equal1 Laboratories, Ireland, “Spin qubits based on silicon quantum dots for quantum information processing”, 15/03/2024

Dr. Spyridon G. Kosionis, University of Patras, Greece, “Spectral properties of light emission and photon statistics in coherently driven coupled quantum-photonic nanostructures”, 22/03/2024

Prof. Apostolos Vourdas, University of Bradford, UK, “Grothendieck bound in a single quantum system and ultra-quantum coherent states”, 29/03/2024

Prof. Martin B. Plenio, Ulm University, Germany, “Quantum Technologies for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging in the Life Sciences”, 05/04/2024